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Standoff brings USP operations under scrutiny

RNZ 01 Mar 2021
The couple have completed 14 days' of Covid-19 quarantine in a Brisbane hotel and are now left to contemplate their future. In a statement issued on February 24, Chancellor and Nauru President Lionel Aingimea said he had invited Ahluwalia to Nauru ... Chancellor and Nauru President, ...

Alternate Mardi Gras to March on Oxford: An Interview With Pride in Protest’s Evan Van Zijl

Sydney Criminal Lawyers 26 Feb 2021
Due to the global pandemic, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade at the Sydney Cricket Ground ... The demands of the day ... The Australian government continues to detain over 260 asylum seekers and refugees on Nauru and in Papua New Guinea, while there are over 120 now held in hotels in Australia ... Putting the pride in protest.

The Prosecution of a Refugee Rally Organiser for Incitement Could Have Chilling Effect

Sydney Criminal Lawyers 06 Feb 2021
... of the Medevac refugees who were being detained inside Preston’s Mantra Hotel. After having been locked up on Manus and Nauru for six years, the 60-odd men had been cooped up inside the hotel for months on end.

Medically vulnerable refugees in Australia hotels finally freed

Al Jazeera 22 Jan 2021
While Farhad is fortunate to have been freed, the Australian Government continues to detain refugees and asylum seekers in detention centres and hotels in Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as in prison-like conditions on Nauru Island and in Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea.

Nauru, The Tiny Nation with a Blackened Name

Ancient Origins 15 Jan 2021
One of the many micro-nations in the Pacific is Nauru, once known as Pleasant Island ... Geography of Nauru. Nauru is north-east of Papua New Guinea in the South-East Pacific and is located just south of the equator ... It is almost encircled by a coral reef and this means, that there is no natural harbor on Nauru ... History of Nauru ... Landmarks of Nauru ... Nauru.

Morrison and the Prosperity Gospel: License to Torture Refugees and Damn the Poor

Sydney Criminal Lawyers 21 Dec 2020
During his in parliament, our PM Scott Morrison repeatedly referenced his Christian faith, even going as far as to invoke Jeremiah chapter 9.24 ... Faith-stacking ... These days, Morrison has around 180 former offshore asylum-seeking detainees locked up long-term in hotels in Melbourne and Brisbane, while there are still others held on Nauru and Manus ... ....

“The Government Has Shown No Mercy”: Dane de Leon on a KP120 Refugee Suicide Attempt

Sydney Criminal Lawyers 28 Oct 2020
... Hotel since April this year. Known as the KP120, the men are protesting their detention after having been transferred from Nauru or Manus to undergo much-needed medical treatment only to have been locked up in a hotel now designated as an alternative place of detention (APOD).

History Will Condemn the Heartless Morrison Regime

Sydney Criminal Lawyers 24 Aug 2020
Incarcerating the innocent ... The last detainee to die was Fariborz Karami on Nauru in June 2018 ... As of 31 July this year, there were still on Nauru and in Papua New Guinea. And there are now around 180 former offshore detainees being held in hotels in Melbourne and Brisbane, with no allowances being made for them to protect themselves against COVID-19.

“This Is Indefinite Detention”: Councillor Jonathan Sri on the Kangaroo Point Standoff

Sydney Criminal Lawyers 19 Aug 2020
Right now, there’s around 120 former Manus and Nauru asylum-seeking detainees being held in Brisbane’s Kangaroo Point Central Hotel ... Around gathered in Brisbane’s Raymond Park last Saturday and proceeded to march on the Kangaroo Point Hotel, demanding that the refugees be released into the community, where there are civilians willing to house them.

Minister says Hong Kong citizens in Australia could be sent back if they fail visa tests

The Observer 12 Jul 2020
Read more ... Tudge also defended the government’s handling of about 200 refugees and asylum seekers currently in Australia due to medical evacuation from offshore detention, arguing they could return to Papua New Guinea, Nauru, their home country or the US. “We’ll keep them in the hotels in detention until they exercise one of those options,” he said ... .

How an inner-city motel became a detention centre for more than 100 refugees

The Observer 28 Jun 2020
Sami is a refugee and this hotel is a detention centre ... They used the hotel (and a similar Apod in Melbourne) to confine people like Sami. refugees and asylum seekers who had been detained on Nauru or Manus ...

Every room in this hotel is booked. But the guests are not allowed to leave

CNN 19 Jun 2020
Brisbane, Australia (CNN)Every day, the men unfurl large pleas for help over the balcony railings of their hotel room and stand in silence as traffic roars along the main road of the Australian city they're trapped in ... In 2016, Amnesty International called Nauru an ... But some say the conditions in the Brisbane hotel are worse than PNG or Nauru.